Essential Oils for Baby Vaccines

My sweet baby had his 6 month well visit today!! Time slow down!

He had 3 vaccines today in his little chunky legs. It is always so hard as a mommy seeing your baby in pain 😦

Thankfully, there are natural options post vaccinations for babies rather than turning to Tylenol or Motrin.

There are 5 essential oils that I use on my baby after vaccines. It gives me the piece of mind and gives my baby the healing he needs naturally.

Essential oils post vaccinations for babies:

1. Lavender– Babies legs can be very sore, inflamed, and even have knots in them after shots. Rubbing lavender on the injection site will soothe their legs and help with the inflammation.

2. Frankincense– This oil has the same soothing properties as lavender and can be used the same way. Just apply on the injection site to soothe the legs and help with any inflammation there may be.

3. Lemon– Unfortunately with vaccines your baby is getting substances in their body like heavy metals and other toxins. Lemon oil is a natural detoxing oil to help rid of these substances. Just rub the lemon oil on the bottom of their feet and along their spine to detox your baby of the heavy metals and other toxins.

4. Peppermint– It is very common for babies to run a fever after getting vaccines. Peppermint oil will bring the fever down. Just rub 1 drop on their forehead or bottom of feet if they run a fever to help bring it back down.

5. DigestZen– Babies also tend to get upset tummies after vaccines. Rubbing DigestZen around their belly button will help soothe their tummies.

I use doTERRA essential oils on my baby because they are certified pure therapeutic grade. They are 100% pure and safe for babies.

When applying the oils to my baby I always make sure to dilute them with fractionated coconut oil as they have more sensitive skin.

Mom Life

1 Month Postpartum

I am officially one month into being a first time mom. I absolutely love being a mom to my adorable, newborn baby, but I’m not going to lie, it has been difficult. Challenging it may be, it is still the most rewarding job. I truly believe God’s purpose for me is to be a mom. I am trying to fulfill my purpose with the best attitude possible. There have been several things that have helped me in staying positive as a new Mom. Now these things certainly don’t help me everyday. I still struggle with postpartum depression, anxiety, and just overall “baby blues” some days. However, when I put my mind to staying consistent in these things, I have found they make my days better. Here’s what has helped me:

1. Rest when Baby rests– definitely easier said then done. Especially when your newborn baby does not have a consistent sleep schedule, wakes up hungry often, and your mom instincts keep you awake. I will never take sleep for granted again! So if you nap during the day when your baby naps, don’t feel guilty about it! Naps are everything! Also, I started tracking my sleep with my Fitbit and came to find that I was actually getting more sleep than I thought.

2. Stay healthy– The first few days home from the hospital I spent all my time that I wasn’t feeding my baby or changing his diaper sitting on the couch eating ice cream, Donuts, brownies, sour candy… basically everything that had sugar in it. I realized my pregnancy cravings did not go away! All I could think about was SWEETS! I quickly decided this was not going to be good for me & decided to get back to being healthy. I began eating more fruits & veggies & drinking LOTS of water. Staying hydrated is so important especially if you are breastfeeding. Keep taking your prenatals or a multivitamin as well! Keeping my body healthy with what I was feeding myself did help me feel better.

3. Get outside– After just a few days of being at home by myself with the baby, I realized I had not seen the sunlight or felt fresh air in a while. This certainly contributed to feeling down in the dumps. Sitting outside for just a few minutes can make the world of a difference! I also began walking nightly with my husband, baby, and our dog once I was feeling better physically. Getting outside and getting a bit of exercise is so good for you physically & mentally.

4. Do something for yourself– I began looking in the mirror and not recognizing myself. This is when I knew I was not taking care of myself. I would spend all day in my pajamas and let time get away from me taking care of the baby. My husband would get home in the evening from work and I would realize it was 6:00 Pm and I still hadn’t changed clothes, showered, brushed my teeth or my hair, much less anything else. Now I’m not saying you have to get up every morning and put on a full face of makeup. But you should find a few minutes to at least get out of your Pj’s and brush your teeth. I also realized it had been quite some time since I pampered myself so I ordered some new makeup just to make myself feel better. Then, once I felt like leaving the house, I let my mom watch the baby & I went and got a manicure. Doing something small for yourself like even just taking a bath and lighting a candle can help improve your mood.

5. Use essential oils- I had started using oils prior to my pregnancy but I was never really serious about using them until after I had my baby. My friend talked me into ordering a starter kit & I looked into all the different benefits of oils for me and my baby. The main oils I use are lavender to promote sleep for me & my baby, DoTERRA’s OnGuard for immune support for my baby, DoTERRA’s DigestZen for my baby’s digestive issues, and YoungLiving’s Gentle Baby for emotional support for me & my baby. I noticed these oils have changed my life! Oils really do have so many great benefits for your physical, mental, & emotional health.

6. Ask for help– I thought I had to be Supermom just days after delivering. I realized real quick that I can’t do this alone. It’s okay to ask for help whether it’s having your husband change the diapers in the middle of the night, having a friend come over & hold the baby while you eat lunch, or asking your mom to spend a few hours at your house to help you catch up on laundry & chores while you take a nap. Help is good!

7. Spend time with God– Between my busy days & sleepless nights, I quickly found it was easy to lose sight in my faith. I had to remind myself that God is my strength and I am not alone. Setting aside some time each day in prayer & devotion really helped me. My relationship with God has always been important to me but I realized I need Him more now than I ever have before. I give Him all the glory for blessing me with my precious child & I need to spend more time giving thanks.

8. Slow down– It will be okay if not everything gets done in a day. You don’t have to be perfect. Take time to just slow down and enjoy the moments with your new little one. You don’t have to get right back to your daily hustle & bustle. And when it is time to get back to your routine, remember to take a few moments to slow down & live a little.

9. Stay positive– It is easy to let the exhaustion defeat you. I was getting very discouraged when it came to figuring all this new Mom stuff out. I had to remind myself there are a million new moms out there learning too & I am not the only one who is struggling. As hard as it is to stay positive, you have to give it a try and remember it will get easier.

10. Just hold your baby– Sometimes you gotta just hold your baby in your arms & admire how precious they truly are. I never thought I could love anything as much as I do my sweet baby boy. Just taking time to hold him and love on him makes everything worth it!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my postpartum journey & found some insight in my advice. Remember, you are a great mom & you are not alone!


Classroom Library

This is my 3rd year teaching and honestly the first year that I have been happy with my classroom library. Before this year, my class library stressed me out & was not student friendly. When I started teaching, I moved into a classroom that had a LOT of old materials left for me, including books. I never actually took the time to go through the books and set up my class library. I left it the way it was for 2 years. This year I decided I was going to make a change! I started fresh with my library & it was the best decision I have made for my classroom & my students! When it comes to class libraries, there are a few things to keep in mind. img_6204

When setting up your class library, think about these things.

  1. Organization is KEY! I organized my books by categories and guided reading levels. Organizing your library makes it easy for students to find books to read as well as putting books back where they belong. I got my book bins from the Dollar Tree. My book bin labels for different categories are from That Teaching Spark.  They are available to download for FREE from her Tpt store. My guided reading level labels are from 180 Days and Counting and were also free. Both sets of these labels made it easy for me to organize my library.
  2. Easy access for students- One of the things that bugged me the most about my old class library was that my students had a hard time finding books to read because my library wasn’t very student friendly when it came to student access. This goes along with organization. Your books available for students to read need to be in a location easy for all students to get to and easy to grab/put back.
  3. High Interest Books- Starting fresh with my class library meant buying all new books (I also just switched from 4th to 2nd grade so I needed to buy more appropriate books for 2nd graders. As a fairly new teacher still, my collection of books wasn’t very existent. I got all my books for my new library from Goodwill or Books by the Pound. Books by the pound does a discount for teachers & has a million books to choose from! I was able to find so many books for my students that that were grade-level appropriate and fun to read. According to Lucy Calkins, “It is critical that kids read with engagement, and nothing supports engagement more that the opportunity to choose high-interest books that are within a readers’ grasp.” I truly believe that filling your library with high-interest books for your students will help them become better readers by allowing them to be more interested in reading!
  4. Have Mentor Texts Available- I think it is important to have books available to students in your class library that you are reading and studying in class. Whatever books I am using in my reading lessons as mentor texts are kept in my class library so students can read them again during independent reading time. Rereading texts always improves students’ reading fluency and they enjoy reading them again!

How do you set up your class library? Let me know in the comments! I hope I have inspired you to create an organized and easy accessible library for your students!


Baby Gender Reveal!

Last weekend my husband and I found out the gender of our baby! We went to our ultrasound the Tuesday before the big reveal. We brought my mom and mother in law and my husband and I closed our eyes during the ultrasound. That was the longest 5 days of my life waiting to find out that whole week! My mom avoided me so she wouldn’t give it away! Anyway, the day finally came & we found out we are having a baby BOY! We were so excited. My mom ordered confetti cannons (in blue) for the reveal. These were the most amazing things ever!! I was sooo impressed with all the confetti and how fun they were! I would definitely recommend them for any reveal or celebration! I have rewatched this video over and over because it was just so cool! Check them out at the link below! Superior Fireworks Confetti Cannon You can order the cannons in blue or pink confetti and other colors as well for weddings or other celebrations. They are only $3.50 and shipped in 1 day!!


Ringing in 2018!

New Year, New me? Definitely! Reflecting back on this year I realize I have so much to be thankful for. My 2 greatest things that happened to me this year: my husband and I purchased our first home & discovering I was pregnant!

These 2 things were major changes in our lives! We are still fairly young, I’m 25 and my husband is 32. Buying a home and finding out you will soon be parents are definitely 2 invites into the “adult world”! We are truly blessed & can’t wait to see what 2018 has to bring, a baby & more!

What are your greatest moments of 2017 & what are you looking forward to the most this new year?


Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

deep sleep pillow spray

I just got this product in my Winter FabFitFun box this week! This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed! This pillow spray is essential for your beauty sleep! It has a blend of lavender, vetiver, and chamomile in it. All these oils promote calmness & sleep. It is free of chemicals, so this all-natural spray is good for pregnant women, like me! Just a few light sprays on your pillow and you will have the best sleep of your life!


Sesame Beef Tacos

Tonight I cooked Sesame Beef Tacos. The recipe is from HelloFresh.


They were so delicious & easy to make! I love all of HelloFresh’s recipes because they are unique and fairly easy. Check out the recipe in the link above! This one I’ll be sure to make again.

IMG-4737I started by preparing the ingredients including scallions, cilantro, cucumbers, and radishes.


Then I pickled the cucumbers and radishes by adding vinegar, salt & pepper, and sugar.


Next I mixed in some chili flakes to my sour cream to give it a little spice.


The next step is to add scallions & cabbage to a medium pan & heat IMG-4741

I added the ground beef, garlic powder, and sugar and cooked until the meat was brown. Then I added sesame oil & some more chili flakes for flavor.


Heat up your tortillas & your tacos are ready to serve!!